How Drip Campaigns Actually Boost the Sales?

Drip campaigns sometimes referred as drip email marketing, workflow automation, auto-follows or even autoresponders is the part of email marketing automation. It allows sending a series of prewritten emails scheduled to be sent out automatically upon meeting a preset criteria. The complete series and the interval between the emails can be set at once; and rest is managed automatically by the software utility. Most marketers consider dripping of emails or drip email marketing as one of the key strategies to build a long relationship with your clients by sending emails on prospect’s activity rather than your own marketing timeline. It opens up more opportunities to nurture prospects and getting more customers on-board.). There are plenty of reasons why drip campaigns are good for business.

Creation of Different Campaigns for Different Targets

Email automation bundled with tools to help you create more personalized email experience can help you return more buyers. You may target different groups of the customer based on loyalty, demographics, or their geographic outlines. In Campaigns drips are easy to setup, since you can easily create drips by writing suitable content and defining the interval between these drips. Later the dripping can easily be started with the help of Trigger function. Drips unmatched acceptance, deliverability and capability to reinforce trust and relationship can serve to boost the sales graph which is vital for every business.

Reporting and Analysis

One of the most important aspects of all marketing is that you have actionable data of customers/prospects available. Email automation apps like Mumara offer reporting tools to acquire real-time actionable insights, utilizing which you can make informed decisions according to customer lifecycle stage. As a result, gaps in your marketing strategy can be filled; a fall in the sales graph can be detected and rectified. Hence, reporting tools are essential for the success of drip marketing campaigns because it is makes easy to evaluate what works and what does not. Reports can help you decide whether to rework a call-to-action or reduce the number of drips you are sending.

Easy to manage the large size of customers

It may appear difficult to setup drips at first, but quite it is quite the opposite. Since it is mostly data driven and things work as contacts’ actions/activities, you can implement the content, interval and setup the criteria once, the automation tool will handle the rest. You just need to be well-versed with the tips of effective email marketing and customer engagement. Through this easy application, better control on content and its execution, you are actually able to generate way better sales comparing to other channels with minimum controls at your disposal.)

Nurturing your customer base

Drip campaigning succeeds in boosting sales because it operates on the mantra that customers are given the right information at the right time. This prevents the temptation to overload customers with emails because the process is carried out automatically as it relies on actions/activities performed by the prospects. While drip campaigns can effectively be used to target potential customers, it equally performs well to engage current customers that make it even more effective. Drip campaigns do not focus on overloading a customer’s inbox but aim to be thoughtful in terms of content, relevance and timing of the email.


Due to the phenomenal results that it can guarantee, more marketers prefer drip marketing as their key strategies to give boost to the volume of sales. By keeping the customer engaged, you can ensure high customer retention rate. Additional advantages include the increase of email respondents as compared to other types of emailing. A clear reason of rise in sales graph is the ability that dripping offers to provide key information to the right recipient at the right time. Drips can also be used for the reengagement campaigns to turn more leads into loyal customers

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