What is Drip Campaign?

Today’s blog is covering one of the most trending sides of email marketing known as drip email campaigns. There are still people who don’t fully understand what this actually is and how it works. It is the reason why I planned it to be an opening blog with some primary information and more details on the topic may follow in the coming write-ups.

What is Drip Campaign?

The process of dripping of campaigns involves series of prewritten emails set to be sent on a schedule or user action. It is the simplest way to define a drip campaign, and other terms like workflow automation, lifecycle emails, drip email marketing, and auto follow-up serve the same concept of engaging the subscribers/prospects. So the umbrella term drip marketing covers several other types of email strategies. Some people may refer it as marketing automation, but this as a term shouldn’t be used as another name of marketing automation. Since email marketing automation is a broad term with many possibilities, drip campaigns or workflows can be considered one aspect of it. Well, at least for Mumara Campaigns it is right.

How it Works?

The general application of drip email marketing enables the sender to write series of emails, each with a present criteria and sending schedule. Like in the lifecycle, if one email will go after the contact signs up, the other may go right after 3 hours; one may follow-up after 2 days and it continues. Since the goal that you want to achieve from the dripping of emails may vary from the others, therefore, the lifecycle can’t be the same. If one is nurturing the prospect and taking it towards the end result of conversion, his strategy would be different from the one who is just looking to increase his blog reach with more dynamically driven strategy.

What Impact it Can Have?

After settling down with the primary question about drip marketing, the next thing you may be interested to know would be the impact it can have on your marketing. Can it really improve the results and can bring in the effectiveness? And the answer is YES it does. All sorts of researches done by marketing agencies and email service providers conclude that the results targeted workflow marketing generates are far better than the global broadcasts. Even if you see the general prospective, the idea of sending emails based on some criteria and planning it against the user’s action and on its timeline, appears better than sending global broadcasts to everyone in the list.

How can I setup a Drip Campaign?

The trend of marketing automation is on the rise, and you can find some essence of this ingredient in every other email marketing software, product and service. But what matter is how conveniently it can make the things work for you? One needs to consider how seamlessly the preferred email automation tool can perform the drip campaign tasks? what possibilities one can explore when setting up the workflow and how intelligently software can scale the campaigns? Mumara Campaigns can offer you the required flexibility and intelligence when it comes to setup email workflows. In one of the next blog, I’ll try to cover dripping with CampaignsPlus by putting some practical examples.

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