What is Email Marketing Automation

What is Email Marketing Automation?

Don’t get me wrong, being a marketer is always a tough job, always being under the scrutiny of your supervisor to increase sales and productivity with the ever fewer resources. The temptation to have the leading edge in any market is always the Holy Grail for all the marketers around the world. But what is the best way to reach your clients and tell them about your latest products? What if, you have lots of clients and you would wish to give out coupons or gifts as a thank you? The answer to all these questions is marketing automation, we have seen the growth of small startups competing with the larger corporates over client’s attention and always led to a win. The main competitive advantage was the perfect use of email automation, so what is email automation and what is the effect it has on your business?

Email automation is quite different from other types of email responses such as email newsletter and one-off campaigns. They usually involve creating and sending responses to a whole list of people. For an automated email campaign, it is quite the opposite, you get to set up the criteria once if the client meets these criteria an automatic email response is sent from an automatic trigger. The realization of setting up personalized email to every client is a daunting task, and that’s why the email marketing campaign is a success. It’s full of features that reduce effort to the individual using it. It helps the corporation focus on key trending subjects, rather than hiring more staff to go through emails and that is the beauty in this technology.

Let say I haven’t convinced you yet? Then why should you use email automation? I mean there are a lot of other responses you can use, right? 3 billion is the number. There are over 3 billion email accounts around the world, what is the chance that most of your clients use email and are part of the 91% of the users who check their email every morning. How can your business use email automation effectively?

Nurturing Clients

Email marketing automation is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your own customers every day of the week and it’s always right on time. Imagine a case where one of your subscribers turned from a free user to a paying customer. The chance is that sending an email will have a huge impact on building a long term relationship. Although some factors may hinder operations such as different time zones, for email automation there is a move that is ahead of its time. You can pre-write the ad or subject matter and the automated campaign will send at the particular time. It makes it easy for a business to target specific clientele and talk to them on a more personal level.

Revenue growth is much faster

Whenever you combine a better sales pitch, email marketing automation can give you some good results. Through some of the fundamentals of how this unique technology works, you can track the click-through rates that are taken by the customers. Your marketing team can take the most interested parties and push on them, making generating more sales easier. For most of the users of this technology this a “most” welcome feature. Since getting new leads is always a difficult and expensive procedure. That’s why it’s much cheaper to convince your existing client to buy more. If you have used such e-commerce sites as eBay or Flip-kart, you realize that they usually recommend a similar product. That is one of the good examples of automation that focuses on the client’s purchase history.

The Essence of Time

Honestly, time-saving is the most important part of any business. With a growing business, it’s even more important when considering your product. The question I have to ask you? Why can’t you automate as much work as possible? It will make your life easier since it’s crucial for you to spend time building great content and products. After the creation of your automation, it will blossom itself and you will have the time to do other important things. The only time that is required is when you are monitoring your campaigns, analyzing the reports and reviewing the emails that haven’t brought in results. Through this, you can have the time to create a better brand.

Concluding, there is a lot of potential in this type of marketing, in that it is the future. Most of the companies have seen the growth of Goliath-like startups competing with the big boys, just because they didn’t have a personalized way to communicate with their customers. Taking time and understanding your customer base is the first step, then have a more effective strategy for talking to your clients. Getting to know their favorite mediums and get to discuss what they want from a product. The benefits of using these automation tools are so vast, so why are you being left behind is the last question I have to ask you?

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