Why Email Marketing Still Performs Better than Social Media?

Email marketing is effective. It is just as simple as that. How it is more effective than social media is the debatable question however.  The distinct usages of Social Media and Email cause difficulties while making a comparison, but in terms of customer engagement, sales process management, customer acquisition and workflow automation, email holds the top ladder. Use of email as channel to serve earlier mentioned purposes of customer engagement, acquisition and retention, has been a practice of marketers since plenty of years now. Rise of social media sometimes speculated as a threat to email as channel of marketing, but due to the advantages that email marketing offers, it is still holding its position well.

Email builds long-lasting relationships and credibility

Building relationships with customers require flawless email management. Marketers that use email as channel of marketing are provided with variety of software choices that can help utilize various resources/functions to build that relationship. The competition in email marketing industry has led email software providers to use novel technologies where most of the processes are carried out with less human effort and more through automation. Comparing to the social media, email offers plenty of room for the personalization to ensure better engagements. The ease, in which email allows your subscribers to contact you, ensures that all questions that the customers may have are timely answered. Emails take a little effort for one to build credibility and stable relationships.

Emails allow using excellent automation tools

As earlier mentioned, the fierce competition among email software providers has made it inevitable for every provider to adapt innovation and new technologies. New technologies for workflow automation and trigger based actions have the potential to improve the revenue growth by 75%. With the use of the right tools incorporated in email marketing applications, you can execute predefined actions followed by an event that occurs, i.e. a new contact has subscribed etc. So long before a specific event actually occurs, you can plan and automate the set of actions and the time to perform these actions. It is how a little effort on your part can make a great difference in terms of results.

The ease of accessibility on multiple platforms

In recent years, the mobile device has become an essential tool for customers and business owners. Statistics indicate that more than 90% of consumers check their emails on mobile phones every single day that outperforms social media channels. Email marketing can run on multiple platforms and there exist plenty of graphical templates to make the content more appealing. The addition of drag and drop editors in email applications have made the design work even easier. You can instantly check properly formatted and strikingly designed email messages on the workstations, laptops or even on mobile devices.

Real-time reporting and better-detailed statistics

An extra edge that email marketing has over the social media is its ability to track every email and bring email statistic reports and actionable insights. From a general count of how many emails were scheduled, successfully sent or bounced back to measure the engagement actions like opens, clicks it offers you detailed reports on everything. Moreover, several high end Email Marketing Applications you can also obtain information pertaining to the location of the email opens/clicks. These actionable insights help you design more targeted campaigns according to the engagement level or sort of the contacts. It may appear simple but when used rightly it can turn quite beneficial to the business growth.

Ownership of your Email List

With email, you can exercise full control. How among your list you want to see the email campaign or who you don’t want to is fully is up to you. In social media, the networking site that you choose to market decides who sees your content and when. Hence, you have little control, and your paid campaigns may end up not reaching the intended audience. In email you can group your contact into segments or sub-segments utilizing any similar criteria of your own choice.


Many new business owners believe that since social media sites are great and easy for promotions, success may be obtained with just a few tweets. Your marketing objective should be to promote products in such a way that you capture the attention of the customers. However, social media sites operate quite different, and unlike email marketing, they do not force the customers to act. Not only does email perform better than social media it is also multiple times better than the traditional forms of marketing. Once a business acquires a significant amount of audience as their subscribers, it can easily turn into a permanent source of profit.

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